Acc 211 Principles Accounting I

Accum. Depreciation- Equipment – Property plant etc
Directors' statement – Statement by at least two directors and included with the company's financial statements
miscellaneous expenditure – sonstige Aufwendungen
multiple-step income statement – an income statement that provides the reader with classifications of revenues and expenses as well as with important subtotals
Closing the books – the process of moving the revenue, expense, and divided account balances to retained earnings
Accounting cycle – The series of accounting activities included in recording financial information for a fiscal period.
Operational Expense – • Encompasses bad debt
• Referral expense
• "Things need to operate a successful business"
Which of the following is a community of members who self-identify with a demographic or geographic category?
Memo – explains that all entities must account for the use of assets, even though they may not be for-profit entities
allowance for uncolletable accounts – zarar niteli─činideki hesaplar için ödenek
stock holder – person who owns a share or shares of a stock in a corporation
inventories – Balance sheet
Current assets
Unearned revenue – Liability accounts
standard account – a formal account that includes columns for date, explanation, posting, reference, debit, and credit
Which оf the fоllоwing is а community of members who self-identify with а demogrаphic or geographic category?
16.Toxic assets – are assets that have significantly declined in value.
Debit office supplies & credit accounts payable – Purchase of office supplies on credit is recorded by
the sum of the _____, + ________, + _______ should equal the total variance for the variable inputs – volume,
quantity variance
check – a buisness form ordering a bank to pay cash from a bank account

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