Photosynthesis (ib Biology Hl)

Receptor sites: – areas on a dendrite designed to receive a specific neurotransmitter
mitosis – the division of the cell nucleus and its contents
Parasitism – A relationship between two organisms of different species where one benefits and the other is harmed
denitrification – conversion of nitrates into nitrogen gas
What are microorganisms used for? – To break down sewage and compost.
T-cells specifically – 3) SOUND THE ALARM helper T-cells signal to everything (B-cells and T-cells both!) to ramp up the immune response
4) GET TRAITORS cytotoxic T-cells kill our own cells that have become infected
Hormone – Protein released by an endocrine gland into the blood to act as a chemical messenger.
Bowman's capsule – A cup-shaped swelling at the receiving end of a nephron in the vertebrate kidney; collects the filtrate from the blood.
Beer is different from spirits because:
pus – A slurry of dead white blood cells that accumulates around regions of infection.
Caroteniod – other compounds found in the thylakoid membrane, also function as accessory pigments
Beer is different frоm spirits becаuse:
Energy – An ecosystem gains and loses energy constantly.
Protista – The kingdom that contains algae and protozoans.
reproductive isolation – Barriers that impede members of two different species fro producing fertile offspring.
Phenotype – The observable expression of a genotype.

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