Women’s Studies 21015 Lecture

Revolutionary Feminism – A philosophy that sees the oppression of women in terms of patriarchy, want to change the system
media representation – The ways in which the media portrays particular groups, communities, experiences, ideas, or topics from a particular ideological or value perspective.
Symbolic Annihilation – some groups were so small within a cultural significance we only know them through stereotypes (Native Americans)
T or F: According to Bell hooks, patriarchy only affects women – False
critiques of electoral quotas – – some elected women are simply a "front" for male politicians (las juanitas)
– over time quotas can become a ceiling rather than a floor
gender socialization – the process by which societal beliefs and expectations about gender are instilled in us
Body Management – a desire to perform some sort of physical or emotional adjustment.
Overpopulation – more people then there are resources
What are Malveaux's recommendations for a real education reform? – 1. inner city have same access as suburban children 2. schools look nice 3. effectively using tools, counseling and intervention
medicalization – process of turning life processes into medical issues
Rueful – Feeling sorrow or regret
rape culture – Prominent "mindset where sex is less about intimacy and more about possession"
gender perspective on household labor – not about who has time or money, but a symbolic gender representation
The Paradox of Human Nature – a manifestation of cultural meanings, social relationships, and power politics; not biology, but culture becomes destiny. (nobody questions why)
What do we learn from our family? – Patterns of relationships; learn gender; experience first intimate relationship; belief systems
International Development – Forging tools to understand poverty and eradicate it.
Individualism – Preoccupation with one's self–one's body, looks, relationships; all about me, self-centered
Ann Putnam Junior – One of the three original accusers. Only one that apologized at the end for the witch trials
Medicalization – redefining or relabeling of a personal or social problem as a medical condition, thus necessitating treatment in the health care system
Transfeminism – – The right to define our own identity and have society respect that decision and maintain medical support.
Sanger and Davis – Sanger- pushed women's rights of reproduction, goal was to make women not be pregnant when they don't want to be, wanted to stop abortions, Planned Parenthood
Davis- says Sanger is a eugenicist, women of color aren't with you to get abortions, can't even have babies

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