Business Law Chapter 4 Criminal Law

Contract – any agreement enforceable by law
Describe requirements of the Clean Air Act. – (1) Primary Standards.
(2) Secondary Standards.
(3) State Implementation Plans (SIPs).
(4) Citizen Suits.
States that the EPA must establish national ambient air quality standards for both primary (affects health) and secondary (doesnt necessarily affect your health) pollution. States must produce implementation to meet quality air standards citizens can sue people for not following the clean air act and companies can share emission allowances
international law – the law that governs relations among nations
What are a few common injuries not considered Strict Liability? – 1. Dog bites
2. Medical malpractice
3. Falling
Supremecy – Supreme law of country – higher courts trump lower courts
Lapse of Time – The amount of time that the offer will remain open to the offeree.
Negotiation – Act of transferring ownership of a negotiable instrument to another party
A – Bell Medical Education Service enters into a contract to employ Chris as an instructor for two years to begin May 1. One month before the term begins, Bell is underbid by a competitor and loses a major client, Delta Hospital Center. Bell now refuses to hire Chris. With respect to Chris's obligations, Bell's repudiation most likely
a. discharges Chris from the contract.
b. has no effect on Chris's obligations.
c. increases Chris's obligations under the contract.
d. suspends Chris's obligation to perform.
Derivative Lawsuits – Shareholders bring a suit against a corporation because management failed to.
A[n] ______ agreement is an agreement two parties enter into before marriage that clearly states the ownership rights each party enjoys in the other party's property.
Contractual capacity – The parties must be adults capable of understanding the consequences of their agreement.
order theory – provides that only those laws that serve t create and preserve order are valid
Assumption of Risk – If you are fully aware of risks involved with your actions, you are liable for the resulting damages
Consignor – one who ships goods by common carrier.
Family Medical Leave Act – Allows employees to take up to 12 weeks per year of unpaid leave in a company with 50+ employees.
A[n] ______ аgreement is аn аgreement twо parties enter intо befоre marriage that clearly states the ownership rights each party enjoys in the other party's property.
Federal Courts State Courts – US court system
Implied authority – Never stated in writting but always done

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