Ap Human Geography Chapter 2

A market economy – It's controlled by demand of consumer
Name a country in stage 3 of the demographic transition. – United States, Mexico, China, Eastern Europe or Latin America countries
Iraq – Baghdad is the capital of
crop – Plant which is cultivated by human.
Ethnic cleansing – Process in which more powerful ethnic group forcible removes a less powerful one in order to create an ethnically homogenous region
plateau – a large area of high, flat land
australia's most important animal – sheep
Atlantic Ocean – Atlanti-óceán
Isthmus – A narrow strip of land with season either side forming a link between two larger areas of land
Cape – A large area of land that sticks out into a sea.
Define migration. – A permanent move to a new location
Absolute location – The exact spot on earth where a geographic future is found
balance of power – the term for approximately equally powerful opposing political alliances.
valley – a low area of land between mountains or hills typically with a river of stream flowing through it
lines of longitude – run north and south, measure east and west of the prime meridian, are called meridians
ecological integrity – when a place hasn't changed much from it's natural state

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