9th Grade Musical Terms Competency

A repeated rhythm, melody or chord pattern – What does ostinato mean?
What is music? – Art from, language, something exists in time
dance suites – Baroque- a piece consisting of a series of dances; usually meant to be played by instrumental groups for people who are not dancing
How did Monks sing? – in Latin
breath mark – tells the singer to take a breath
Interval – Difference between any 2 tones
melody – what makes music recognizable, has it's own range, continuity, and character
Panic At the Disco – She Had the World
Iconic – learning through images and graphics (abstract symbol or label)
Which frequency is louder and what we hear? – fundamental frequency
Espressivo – expressively, with emotion
beats are in groups of 3 – compound
Iconic – learning through images and graphics (abstract symbol or label)
Timbre – the quality of sound that distinguishes voices or instruments from one another; tone color
woodwind – piccolo, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, flute, contrabassoon
The shape, structure, and organizaton of the music as whole – What is Form?
Bach – Master of the fugue; student of Pachelbel.
treble clef notes – on lines- Every Good Boy Deserves Fruit
in gaps- FACE

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