#9 Biology Eca Review 2014

diffusion – When a substance moves from an area of higher concentration to an area of lower concentration. Due to entropy.
Hydrogen bond – The type of bond that forms between molecules
Featuresof a Good Study – Clear aim, Representative sample, Valid and Reliable Results, Ethical,
cell – the basic structural and functional unit of all organisms
hypotonic solution – a solution in which there are less solutes outside a cell, causing water to enter faster than it leaves, making it lyse (burst); this environment causes problems for organisms
sexual reproduction – cells from two parents combine to form the first cell of a new organism
viviparous development – development that occurs inside the female, allowing the offspring to gain nutrients and vital substances from the mother through a placenta
pinocytosis – process by which a cell takes in liquid from the surrounding environment
What are the components of a virus? – A protein coat and nucleic acid
Structure 5 on Diagram A refers to?
eyespot – a light-sensitive region in certain protozoa
Parenchyma tissue – has loosely packed cells that allow for gas and moisture exchange.
Structure 5 оn Diаgrаm A refers tо?
Chromosome – Dna-containing structure that passes genetic material from one generation to another.
organs – A group of tissues which have a common function.
Experimental group – Identical to the control group except for the independent variable.
centromere – the region that joins two sister chromatids

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