malnourished – 营养失调的adj
词根foot child 教育 – ped-
Sequelae of strangles – LN abscesses (retropharyngeal, not palpable, between the mandibles and deep)
if LN bursts, it goes into the guttural pouch → guttural pouch empyema results
chondroids form due to pus not draining
-emia – Condition of the blood, occasionally, congestion of blood in
what can the P do during a LH cath – -strength of heart muscles
-bp in heart
-examine valves
adenoids – white blood cells circulating the tissue that traps germs and stored tissue in back of throat
-osis – condition, production of
at least ___% of kidney function required to produce concentrated urine – at least 50% of kidney function required to produce concentrated urine
Anti-inflammatory drug – Lek przeciwzapalny
antipsychotic – decrease psychotic behavior
In the image in questions #28, which structure is labeled “E”?
stage 3 pleuropneumonia – significant fibrin deposition → thick 'pleual peel' which limits inspiration
inspiratory dyspnea due to interstitial disease
prosthetic – an artificial body part
APIXABAN – antithrombolytic
SE: Haemorrhage, N+V, Bleeding
Interactions: NSAID, oral anticoagulants
faire une radio – to have an x-ray
In the imаge in questiоns #28, which structure is lаbeled “E”?
How do you treat a small duodenal gastrinoma? – Resection and primary closure, possible whipple

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