Biology Chapter 4: Tour Of The Cell

Endocytosis – -Allows macromolecules (big ones) to enter the cell.
1. Portion of the plasma membrane pinched off to enclose the macromolecule
2. This is the formation of a VESICLE
3. The membrane reattaches itself
4. And BAM! Just like that, you have a membrane- bound macromolecule floating about the cell.
hypocotyl – The stem of an embryonic plant, where it is attached to the cotyledon.
Prokaryotae – Bacteria, blue-green algae.
3.Organelle – Membrane bound structure that is specialized to perform s distinct process within a cell.
transcription factors – Collection of proteins that mediate the binding of RNA polymerase and the initiation of transcription.
Suspension – a mixture of a liquid or gas and a substance that does not dissolve; particles remain suspended in the liquid or gas
digestive system – body system the breaks down food and absorbs nutrients
biosphere – an area on and around the earth where life exists
Surgical puncture to aspirate fluid from Douglas cu-de-sac
Scientific inquiry – Asking and seeking answers to questions using the scientific method.
domain – A taxonomic category above the kingdom level. The three domains of life are Archaea, Bacteria, and Eukarya.
Surgicаl puncture tо аspirаte fluid frоm Dоuglas cu-de-sac
tetrad – structure containing 4 chromatids that forms during meiosis
cognitive maps – An internal representation of the spatial relationships between objects in an animal's surroundings.
Sex-linked problem: Colorblind Male is crossed with a Female. State genotype and phenotypes of male and female offspring. – All females will be carriers and all males will be normal.
immigration – Entering an environment.
protobionts – Aggregates of abiotically produced molecules surrounded by a membrane.

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