Funeral Service Accounting

Receipt – A buisness form giving written acknowledgement for cash received
Administrative Expenses – Expenses incurred that are not related to marketing the company's products.
Current Liquidity Ratio – current assets/ current liabilities
A cost object is always either a product or a service. – False
cost principle – we don't value historical
Lease – Contract specifying the rental of property.
Job enrichment is:
Objectivity – impartiality including freedom from conflict interest
to outline – to give a general summary, abbozzare
Journal Entry for Sales Tax Payable – Debit Cash and Credit Sales Revenue and Sales Tax Payable
Jоb enrichment is:
optician – One who prescribes and dispense glasses and contact lenses and to detect eye diseases.
Issued Shares – The number of shares sold or distributed to stockholders.
Income Statement – Profit and Loss Statement; Statement of operations; operating statement. A formal financial statement which presents the income, expenses and resulting net profit or net loss for a given period.
issues stock to raise capital – debit cash, credit common stock, credit paid in capital common stock

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