Dance Production Test 1

who invented the "jumping Jive" – the Nicholas Brothers.
Tommy Tune – Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, will Rogers Follies, My One and Only
Which former Monty Python star wrote the lyrics to Spamalot? – Eric Idol
In which musical would you find the character Norma Desmond? – Sunset Boulevard
Step – Strike the floor with ball of foot (change weight)
to read – читать/про-
Phantom of the Opera – Jillian Lynne
down stage – front of the stage
West Side Story – first musical that was not used as an "escape", dealt with real world issues
Basic elements of dance – time
space (composition)
When did swing dance start and originate? – 1920s
force – using different movement qualities
Underground dance – style of tap, cuttin contests at harlem Lafeyette Theatre, then a hoofers club that was 24 hours a day, changed the floors and made it a major tap hall
to sunbathe – загорать/загореть
Famous tap dancers: – Bill “Bojangles” Robinson
Shirley Temple
The Nicholas Brothers
Fred Astaire
Gregory Hines
Savion Glover
apprenticeship – обучение
Simone Forti – an original member of the Judson Dance Theatre
student – студент (m), студентка (f)
Force – release of potential energy into kinetic energy
Gus Giordano – "Many parts moving as one"; movment radiates outward from the center of the body

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