General Chemistry Final Exam Review 2014

What increases entropy in a system? – 1. More moles of gas
2. Phase changes
what is the formula name for HSO₃ – hydrogen sulfite or bisulfite
TEST TUBE – Used to hold LIQUIDS, SOLIDS or GASES (hint: it cannot stand on the table by itself).
Saturated – Fats with the maximum number of hydrogen.
Periodic Table – A table that shows the elements, their atomic number, symbol, and average atomic mass; elements with similar chemical properties are grouped together.
Heat of vaporization – The amount of energy required for the liquid at its boiling point to become a gas
Ionic Radius – Cations are smaller than the atom from which it came.
Anions are larger than the atom from which is came.
What is the atmosphere made up of? – 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, 1% argon and other noble gases, small amounts of water vapour, carbon dioxide and other gases
vaporization – The change of state from a liquid to a gas
Which of the following statements most correctly describes the utility of clinical laboratory assays for tumor markers?
a tumor markers are useful to screen asymptomatic patients for tumors
b tumor markers are highly specific
c tumor markers indicate the likelihood of an individual developing a tumor – d tumor markers are useful in tracking the efficacy of treatment
In a molecule of nitrogen, N2, the nitrogen atoms are bonded to each other by
molarity – moles solute/volume of solution
accuracy – the extent to which a given measurement agrees with the standard value for that measurement
oxidation reaction – loss of electrons
Indicator pH – Orange, Orange Yellow, Green, Dark Green, Blue, Blue, Purple, Purple, Purple – Universal Indicator (Red-Red-Orange Red-…. – Pale Orange-….-Pale Yellow-Yellow Green-…-…-…-….-….-….-….)
Addition polymer – A very long molecular chain, formed by repeated addition of many unsaturated alkene molecules.
C₃H₆ – Molecular formula for propene
Ion – An electrically charged atom or group of atoms.
In а mоlecule оf nitrоgen, N2, the nitrogen аtoms аre bonded to each other by
noble gas configuration – an outer main energy level fully occupied, in most cases, by eight electrons
essential amino acid – An amino acid required by the body, but one that cannot be synthesized, meaning it must be obtained from an outside source.

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