Principles Of Management Chapter 1

promote group creativity – brainstorming
delphi technique
nominal group technique
Brand image – How a company wants the customer to see its product. The company may want the customer to see the product as a luxury item or perhaps a cheaper item.
Classical model decision making – Based on rational economic assumptions and manager beliefs about what ideal decision making should be. NORMATIVE
Self-fulfilling prophecy/ Pygmalion Effect – someone's high expectations for another person result in high performance for that person
Relationship management – the ability to connect with others and built positive relationships
packaging – how the message is conveyed
Service Flow Analysis – An analysis that shows the processes flows that are necessary to provide a service to customers; it allows managers to determine which processes are necessary
theory y – commitment to objective associated with achievement
regional trading zones – areas in which tariff and non-tariff barriers on trade between countries are reduced or eliminated
Total Quality Management (TQM) – views accidents as mistakes or failures of the process
For which job category should you start with a lower starting salary offer to give room for negotiation?  
What is a project? – A temporary endeavour to create a unique product or service.
Right to work – • Have the right to work without joining a union
Strategic Maneuvering – an organizations coscious efforts to change the boundaries of its task environment.
masculinity – a cultural orientation in which assertive-ness and materialism are valued
Systems Theory – 1950's – systems
people do not fail, systems do; policies, processes and infrastructure can influence employee productivity; management should focus on human capital
Fоr which jоb cаtegоry should you stаrt with а lower starting salary offer to give room for negotiation?  
top-level manager – Senior executives responsible for the overall management and effectiveness of the organization
customer – клиент, заказчик, покупатель

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