Ocr Gcse Chemistry C7 (1)

amino acids – monomer units for proteins containing both a carboxylic acid group, —COOH, and an amine group, —NH2.
mass of a hydrogen atom is ____ as a proton – same
Why do atoms usually have no overall electrical charge? – Atoms usually have no overall charge because they have equal numbers of protons (+ve) and electrons (-ve), which cancel one another out
If you have completed the lab and have unused chemical left over what should you do with it? – Dispose of it in the proper container- NEVER put unused chemical back in the original container.
When particles move from areas of high concentration to low concentration, that process is called…. – diffusion
Alkali – A base that dissolves in water forming hydroxide ions
Valinomycin enhances the selectivity of the electrode used to quantitate.
a sodium
b chloride
c potassium
d calcium – c potassium
Nitrous acid, HNO2, is classified as a weak acid in water. This means that it produces
Types of Solutions – May exist as gases, liquids, or solids
and combinations of any of these
(See your chart in notes for examples)
K2SO4 + Zn(NO3)2 = – K2(NO3)2 + ZnSO4
Nitrоus аcid, HNO2, is clаssified аs a weak acid in water. This means that it prоduces
Naming acids – 1) name according to anion that is present
2) name anions
Polyatomic ion – is an ion consisting of a group of atoms, such as CO₃²⁻, NH₄⁺ or PO₄³⁺.
The urinary system is made up of… – Two kidneys, two ureters, a bladder and a urethra
What are intramolecular bonds? – Bonds with oxygen and hydrogen in one water molecule.

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