Preap Biology Ch 1 Vocab

Fat – Generally used as a synonym for a lipid, especially triglycerides. Sometimes used to mean triglycerides that are solid at room temperature (butter, lard, etc.), compared with oils, which are liquid at room temperature.
organelles – Units inside all cells which perform certain functions (may be membrane-bound, or non-membrane bound.)
Producing more cells. – Reproduction
Transports materials inside the cell – Endoplasmic Reticulum
endocytosis – Active transport process where a cell engulfs materials with a portion of the cell's plasma membrane and releases the contents inside of the cell.
polarity – water is lightly negative on the oxygen side of its molecule
The kidneys excretion of H+ ions would regulate the ______________ of blood pH.
succession – series of predictable and orderly changes within an ecosystem over time
Broca's area: – located in the frontal lobe and responsible for controlling the muscles involved in producing speech. Damage to this area might leave us unable to make the muscle movements needed for speech (Broca's aphasia).
The kidneys excretiоn оf H+ iоns would regulаte the ______________ of blood pH.
Biosphere – The part of the earth that contains all living things, including the atmosphere (air), the lithosphere (earth), and the hydrosphere (water).
* Autotroph – (self grower) Grows by producing its own food.

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