Financial Accounting Equations

first half year – erstes Halbjahr
Which of these does not appear on the balance sheet? – Expenses
Accounting Entity – an organization for which financial data is collected, business entities themselves are viewed as owning everything
Capitalize – An expenditure accounted for as an asset rather than an expense
What are two reasons a corporation would want to issue stock dividends? – Satisfy stockholders and increase marketability
this represents a "bad" cheque – NSF cheque
Decision-Usefulness: Investors are interested in assessing? – 1. Company's ability to generate net cash inflows
2. Management's ability to protect and enhances the capital provides' investments.

This helps investors assess the amounts, timing, and uncertainty of prospective cash inflows from dividends or interest, proceeds form the sales, redemption, or maturity of securities or loans.

reliability concept – base information on accurate data
segregation of duties – one person per one activity
The amount in an account – Account Balance
It is wise to study anatomy alongside with physiology because ________.
current assets – assets that are likely to turn into cash within the next year
Balance sheet – shareholders equity
LT debt
Treasury stock
Accounts payable
It is wise tо study аnаtоmy аlоngside with physiology because ________.
corporation – An organization with the legal rights of a person and which many persons may own.
classifying – the sorting of the many business transactions in on orderly and systematic manner
American Institute of certified public accountants – The professional organization of certified public accountants whose board establishes rules that are often more technical and more specific to certain industries

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