Fin: Ch 1: Accounting Information For Decision Making

social security withholding – sosyal güvenlik kesintisi
relevance – should help users predict further events and confirm current beliefs
dependent variable – a variable that responds to some causal factor: total cost is dependent veriable, as represened by the letter y, in the quation y =a + bX (p35)
Par Value – Is the nominal value per share of capital stock specified in the charter; servers as the basis for legal capital.
Audit Report – A report that describes the auditor's opinion of the fairness of the financial statement presentations and the evidence gathered to support that opinion.
Income Summary – Stockholders' Equity
invigilator – one who watches over pupils in an examination
general entry – a journal with two amount columns in which all kinds of entries can be recorded
Sole proprietorship – Business owned by one person
what are the 4 categories of assets – current assets
plant(fixed assets)
intangible assets
Match each sentence with an equivalent sentence.
What is NOT an objective of a company's internal controls – ensure that the company is using the most effective marketing plan
Temporary Accounts – Also known as nominal accounts. Begin each period with a zero balance, accumulate a balance during the period, and are then cleared by means of closing entries. Ex: revenue, expense accounts
Mаtch eаch sentence with аn equivalent sentence.
Cash – asset, increase and normal balance is debit side, decrease is credit side
Chart of accounts – a list of all the accounts and their assigned account numbers, used in journalizing transactions.
Memorandum – a brief written message that describes a transaction that takes place within a business.

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