Similes For Describing Advanced General English For Ielts & Cae (portalingocom)

What is the tolerance range of panochromatic film – 8 stops
Blow-Up – A film enlargement from a smaller gauge of film to a larger gauge (i.e. 16mm to 35mm).
Fill light – Weaker than the key light, fills the shadows created by the key light
zoom out – move that usually reveals new information or tells us where we are
Framing – -Refers to organization of visual elements in a frame
When the viewer sees and hears more than
any of the characters can, such extremely
knowledgeable narration is called? – …
This director was the first to use parallel storylines and became known as the “father of narrative films.”
genre conventions – repeated patterns and formulas
Camera angles or shot angles – the view point chosen from which to photograph a subject
Physical Continuity – Actors should look the same from one shot to another
Music and MTV – Artists look was more important then how they sound, provided a new venue for promoting music
Fade-out – A shot transition where Shot A slowly disappears as the screen becomes black before Shot B appears. A fade-in is the reverse of the process.
cookies – information profiles about a user that are usually automatically accepted by a Web browser and stored on the user's own computer hard drive
This directоr wаs the first tо use pаrаllel stоrylines and became known as the “father of narrative films.”
Jump Cut – a noticeable change or "jump" in the action
Surrealist – Uses recognizable imagery in strange contexts
Z-Axis – The 3rd dimension of a video. When something is moving towards or away from the camera not across the screen.
linear chronolgy – a narrative technique where events are portrayed in chronological order
Parallelism – Strong similarities and repetition

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