Management Information Technology Exam 1

JCAHO – Joint Commission for Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations – An agency that establishes standards for the operation of hospitals and other health care agencies, conducts surveys, and accredits programs that meet the defined standards is,
processing – Conversion or manipulation of raw data into useful output.
What individual group assists the CIO (Chief Information Officer) in developing the strategic vision for the organization's information ? – Steering committee.
standard parallel port (SPP) – An outdated parallel port that allows data to flow in only one direction and is the slowest of the three types of parallel ports. Also called a Centronics port. Compare to EPP (Enhanced Parallel Port) and ECP (Extended Capabilities Port).
host bus – See memory bus or system bus. The bus between the CPU and memory on the motherboard. The bus frequency in documentation is called the system speed, such as 400 MHz. Also called the memory bus, front-side bus, local bus, or host bus.
slack – the amount of time a project activity may be delayed without delaying a succeeding activity on the project finish date; also called float
transmission control protocol/ internet protocol (TCP/IP) – dominant model for achieving connectivity among different networks developed for DARPA. Provides a universally agreed on method for breaking up digital messages into packets, routing them to the proper addresses, and then reassembling them in coherent messages.

4 layers:
1. application layer: enables client application programs to access the other layers and defnes the protocols that applications use to exchange data.
2. Transport layer: responsible for providing the application layer with communication and packet services. TCP and oth

Install and configure application software – Installing software then arranging it to meet the needs of an organisation or user. E.g. Installing Windows Vista and then putting shortcut icons on the desktop that the user would frequently access.
OIF= MANY of todays JO are given opportunities to be ___ – Innovative
Mentally agile
cloud – in addition, you need not worry that you're investing in technology that will soon be obsolete; the _____ vendor is taking that risk.
I started work today on a clinical trial. I need to familiarize myself with the rules and procedures to be followed. This info is called the: – Protocol
Half-duplex channel – a communications channel that can transmit data in either direction but not simultaneously
Access controls – Which of the following ensures that a user has only the information needed to perform his or her job?
Access controls – Which of the following ensures that a user has only the information needed to perform his or her job?
Data Marts – Subset of a data warehouse. Information on one department. Limited data for better security and faster processing
This is a false statement; They have many functions in common, but they each have unique functions as well – Critique the following statement: Ambulatory information systems are the same as inpatient information systems
Conceptual decision makers have a ___ tolerance for ambiguity and ______ way of thinking. – HIGH
Java – an object-oriented programming language from sun Microsystems based on C++ that allows small programs to be embedded within an HTML document
Quality priority – Producing products/services with as close to zero defects as possible

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