Behavioral substitution – the process of having managers and employees perform new behaviors central to the new organizational culture in place of behaviors that were central to the old organizational culture
Hostile work environment – A form of sexual harassment in which unwelcome and demeaning sexually related behavior creates an intimidating and offensive work environment
Sustained competitive advantage: – -dynamics of the industry, threat of interest, power of buyers and suppliers, rivalry's.
-understanding the firms resources
Opt-out trend – Women are voluntarily leaving the work force
Systematic errors – Errors that people make over and over that result in poor decision making
Types of Not-for-profit: 501(c)(3) – These organizations are largely exempt from taxes but must confine their activities to the public benefit. Donations are tax deductible as long as no goods or services were received in return.
Mintzberg's managerial role categories – interpersonal roles
informational roles
decisional roles
The professors in the Knowledge Navigator video looked for a link between ___________________________. – deforestation and expansion of the Sahara
Organizational Learning – The process through which managers seek to improve employees desire and ability to understand and manage the organization and its task environment.
Much research has supported the notion that individuals work much harder when they are asked to do their best rather than when they are striving toward a specific goal.
Forming a team – orientation, break the ice, find a leader, facilitate social interchanges
mission – the statement of an organization's fundamental purpose and basic philosophy
porter's five forces – 1. potential new entrants
2. bargaining power of buyers
3. bargaining power of suppliers
4. threat of substitute products
5. RIVALRY AMONG COMPETITORS(1-4 go into this)
Ford – Taylor method
assembly line
Model-T only in black
how do you create value to a product – -the transformation of raw materials or ideas
-into a product, service, or experience
-delivered to a client/ customer or member
The potential for self-control is increased when what? – When capable people have a clear sense of organization mission, know their goals, and have the resources necessary to do their jobs well.
legitimate, reward, coercive – position power (three forms):
Much reseаrch hаs suppоrted the nоtiоn thаt individuals work much harder when they are asked to do their best rather than when they are striving toward a specific goal.
Integrative Negotiation – A collaborative approach to negotiation that is based on a win-win assumption, whereby the parties want to come up with a creative solution that benefits both sides of the conflict.
Census of business – Source of market data that explains where certain businesses are located.

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