Ubus 310 Exam #2 Review Sheet

Executive Order 9066 – 1942 – Issued by FDR. Japanese-American internment. Approximately 110,000 Japanese Americans and Japanese who lived on the West Coast were forced into "war relocation camps" in the wake of the attack on Pearl Harbor. There was a concern about whether or not the Japanese-Americans would remain loyal during the war. Also lead to many Japanese citizens to resist and display their loyalty to America ex. Dothia Lang's "I am American" sign picture and the 442nd decorated squadrant.
a deduction from list price that applies to a single order rather than to the total volume of orders placed during a certain period – noncumulative quantity discount
Ratio that tells how much investors are willing to pay for a dollar of the firm's earnings. – Price/Earnings Ratio
Hayes – Presidency marks the beginning of the "Gilded Age" and the end of Reconstruction.
Generally, a guarantee made by the owner of a small business when a loan is made to the business. The owner pledges his or her personal credit in addition to that of the company. Personal guarantees circumvent the limited liability feature of the corporate form in the context of lending to small businesses. – Personal guarantee
assumptions – things accepted as true or certain- each discipline makes its own assumptions about that natural and human worlds
coerced – to compel by force, intimidation, or authority
Harry Boudy – philosopher of education who created the "four uses of learning". believed in compromise between disciplines and IDSC. looked for future uses of learning
Change is necessary as a result of changes in customer __________. – needs
Cash Flows from Bonds; peridodic payments are _________, and _____ promised./ – interest, are
________positions people, equipment and offices for maximum __________ flow that is arranged by process or product or both (hybrid). e.g. Insurance or software company. – office layout, information
prolific – producing many things
A successful manager optimizes and balances the __________ vs _________ service. – inventory, delivery
A three-party leasing arrangement in which a lender extends credit to a lessor to acquire equipment which is then leased to a user. The loan is usually secured by the leased equipment. Sophisticated tax advantages are associated with the Technique. – Leveraged Lease
What is non-fiction? – A story that is true. A book that is only of fact.
What are primary, secondary, and tertiary levels of infection prevention? – – Primary: vaccines, infection control, hand hygiene.
– Secondary: Screening for STDs, pap smears.
Taking longer to pay suppliers will have what effect on; ________ current ratio, ________ quick ratio, ________ cash flow from operations. – decrease, decrease, increase
aplomb – great coolness and composure under strain

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