Chapter 15 Managing Communication

resource allocator role – the decisional role managers play when they decide who gets what resources and in what amounts
group development in stages – forming, storming, norming, performing, and adjourning
Fixed expenses – A cost that, for a given period of time and range of activity called the relevant range, does not change in total, but becomes progressively smaller on a per unit basis as volume increases; these expenses do not increase with increased business, nor do they decrease with declining business activity.
Assertiveness – The extent to which a society encourages people to be tough, confrontational, assertive, and competitive versus modest and tender
Market – Niveau – Modalités possibles des caractéristiques (Couleur)
Organizational Stakeholder – Person or organization who is directly affected by the practices of an organization and has a stake in its performance.
Lack-of-participation error – is failure to include the rights people in the decision-making process
_____ translate job requirements into levels of acceptable or unacceptable employee behavior.
Open systems – interact with environment
Managers must often facilitate a change in an employee's attitude (which affects performance and productivity). This process of change will depend on three factors: – 1) The Communicator
2) The Message
3) The Situation
Strategic Objectives – relate to target outcomes that indicate a company is strengthening its market standing, competitive vitality, and future business prospects.
_____ trаnslаte jоb requirements intо levels оf аcceptable or unacceptable employee behavior.
The Age Discrimination in Employment Act – prohibits discrimination against employees over the age of 40.
Management by objectives – management system incorporating participation in decision making, goal setting, and feedback
Franchising cooperate contract – collection of networked firms in which the manuf or marketer of a product/service licenses the entire business to another person or organization
Extrinsic motivation – promotions, pay increase and bonuses
Illness – a state in which a person's bio-psycho-social intellectual and spirited functioning is diminished or impaired

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