Computing Science National 5 Sdd Computer Programs

professional – A Design Template is a pre-designed presentation template you can use to make your presentation look more
Numbered messages that correspond to specific faults in software applications – Error codes
man-in-the-middle – when someone interferes with two peoples conversations
Von Neumann architecture – Theoretical model for nearly all modern computers. Such computers are composed of four major subsystems (memory, input/output, the ALU or arithmetic/logic unit, and the control unit), the stored program concept (in which the instructions to be executed by the computer are represented as binary values and stored in memory), and the sequential execution of instructions (in which one instruction at a time is fetched from memory and passed to the control unit, where it is decoded and executed).
data integrity – the quality of the data in a database
Java – released by Sun Mircrosystems
platform independent
official lang for APCS Exam since 2003
Which of the following is an event source?
packet – a group of bits made up of control signals, error control bits, coded information and the destination for the data
What's logic bomb? – A computer virus that's runs when a certain set conditions is met, such as when a program is launched a specific number of times.
MAIN Method – The main method is a set of instructions which causes the program to run.
to convert – преобразовывать
Import Statement – tells the compiler where to access certain classes
Applications (Apps) – Is a software program. Term app was made popular by Apple.
Which оf the fоllоwing is аn event source?
getValidAdjacentLocations – Classes: BoundedGrid, UnboundedGrid
Parameters: Location
Returns: ArrayList<Location> (adjacent Locations)
Preconditions: Location is valid
Savez-vous comment…? – Do you know how to…?
Heading – Returns the current heading.
Formatting – The process of dividing the disk into tracks and sectors so that the operating system can store and locate data and information on the disk.
.htm, .html – extensions for a file to be viewed in a web browser

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