Biology Semester 1 Final Vocabulary

Molecule – Two or more atoms held together by covalent bonds.
glycolysis – the breakdown of glucose to pyruvic acid during cellular respiration
nucleotide – phosphate, sugar, base (building block of DNA)
tropism – A growth response that results in the curvature of whole plant organs toward or away from stimuli owing to differential rates of cell elongation.

10.2 – First and longest phase of mitosis
– the chromosomes become visible
– the centrioles separate
– a spindle begins to form
– the nuclear envelope breaks down

Isomers – organic compounds with the same molecular formula but different structure and therefore different properties. The 3 types are structural isomers, geometric isomers and enantiomers.
green alga – A member of a group of photosynthetic protists that includes chlorophytes and charophyceans, the closest living relatives of land plants. Green algae include unicellular, colonial, and multicellular species.
adaptive radiation – relatively rapid proliferation from an ancestral type into new types which fill a diversity of ecological niches
cytokinesis – The division of the cytoplasm to form two separate daughter cells immediately after mitosis, meiosis I, or meiosis II.
What is the characteristic location of the tumor in endemic Burkitt's lymphoma of young children?
vaccine – a weakened or inactive version of a pathogen that stimulates the body's prduction of antibodies which can aid in destroying the pathogen
Structures and Organelles of Cells –
imperfect flowers – it wont have both male and female reproductive parts.
DNA and RNA are what? – Polymers composed of thousands of linked monomers.
plasma membrane – thin flexible barrier that regulates what enters and exits the cell; composed of two layers of phospholipids
cytoplasm – jellylike substance inside cells that contains molecules and in some cells organelles.
Whаt is the chаrаcteristic lоcatiоn оf the tumor in endemic Burkitt's lymphoma of young children?
prophase II – A brief stage in which spindle fibers begin to reappear and centrioles move to opposite poles

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