nonverbal vs. verbal differences – 1. perceived as more honest
2. multi – channeled
Pre-orientation Phase – Look at chart, get information from another nurse or patients physician
How much do you retain when you see – 30%
Why is it used? – It is used with either Written or Oral communication to give a clearer picture of the situation.
PRIDE (Proactive) – Persevere
Respect yourself
Individually accountable
Decide yourself
Engaging in effective collaboration
Regulating – flow of communication, lets others know when to speak)
Research is Cumulative & Self Correcting – The first step in conducting research is to review all the previous studies on one's topic and to build on others' work.
Researchers correct old mistakes and discover new information.
sensationalsm – using hyped up stories to get an audience?
“Should carrying a concealed weapon be legal, yes or no?” is an example of which type of question:
individualism – belief that most important social unit is the person who acts in own self intreasts
Logic appeal – It is a clearly defined speech with a valid conclusion
minimal encouragers – express interest in hearing and invite person to elaborate
brand detractor – It is not the same as someone who simply doesn't like you. It is someone who has made it his personal cause to impact you negatively, generally out of a strong belief that what you are doing is wrong.
PSAs – use what to promote events through TV and radio
Active listening – Attentive to what pt saying verbally and nonverbally. SOLER:
Sit facing
Observe an open posture
Lean toward the patient
Establish and maintain intermittent eye contact
“Shоuld cаrrying а cоnceаled weapоn be legal, yes or no?” is an example of which type of question:
to sink to a whisper – zniżyć głos do szeptu
causes and effects – reason from cause to effect (Ex. smoking (the cause) contributes to lung cancer (the effect)) or reason from effect to cause (ex. low reading scores among elementary school children (the effect) are due to poverty (the cause))
Factors – Assist with thin body image or perfectionist extreme cautiousness

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