Biology Chapter 12

5. base – pH above 7, creates OH- ions
sexual reproduction – cells from two parents unite to form a the first cell of a new organism
controlled experiment – an experiment that tests the effect of one variable
Cytoplasm – A jellylike fluid inside the cell in which the organelles are suspended
photoheterotroph – organism that is photosynthetic but needs organic compounds as a carbon source
lysosome – A cell organelle that contains digestive enzymes.
Population – A local group of organisms belonging to the same species and capable of interbreeding
Glucose, O2 – The main products of photosynthesis
Cells invaded by viruses release _______________ to protect nearby cells and hinder further multiplication of the viruses.
Example of a prokaryote – Bacterium
A vacuole that holds the matter which a cell engulfs. – Phagocytic Vacuole
Cells invаded by viruses releаse _______________ tо prоtect neаrby cells and hinder further multiplicatiоn of the viruses.
This organelle produces vesicles – endoplasmic reticulum

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