Pb, Hg, and Ag salts are insoluble unless – they are paired with one of the anions which are soluble
Formation of Grignard Reagent –
heating – speeds up and spreads out particles
Covalent Bonding – Strong attraction between the two positive nuclei and the shared pair of electrons
Feeble intermolecular bonds
intermolecular forces are less in what state? – gases
subscript – number written to the lower right of a chemical symbol in a chemical formula
Dalton's Law of Partial Pressure for Displacement – Gases collected by water displacement

Gas that is collected is mixed with water vapor.

Patm = Pgas + Pwater

28)What is the molarity of a hydrochloric acid solution if 50.0 mL is neutralized in a titration by 40.0 mL of 0.400 M potassium hydroxide? – …
Pentanol has how many carbon atoms?
The Law of Multiple Proportions – If two elements combine to form different compounds, the ratio of masses of the second element that react with a fixed mass of the first element will be a simple, whole-number ratio.
Substitution reaction – When one atom is replaced by another atom in a reaction.
(MLS ONLY) An active metabolite of amitriptyline is:
a nortriptyline
b protriptyline
c butriptyline
d norbutriptyline – a nortriptyline
Pentаnоl hаs hоw mаny carbоn atoms?
Density of water – Empty spaces = relatively low density
Solid has lower density
Scientific Notation – -written as m x 10^n
-only one number to the left of the decimal
Mole to Volume relationship – a mole of any gas at (STP) standard temperature and pressure, occupies 22.4 L
Law of definite proportions – Different samples of a pure chemical substance always contain the same proportion of elements by mass
Acid – A substance which donates hydrogen ions/protons.

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