Biology Mitosis Quiz

theory – when particular hypothesis' may become so well supported scientists consider this
benthos – organisms that live attached to or near the bottom of lakes, streams, or oceans
Fermentation – Respiration without oxygen.
Why is insulin dosage in type 1 diabetes dependant on amount of exercise? – Strenuous exercise requires high blood sugar level, so low insulin dosage.
Name the parts of the compound microscope. – ocular lens, objective lens, stage, light source
Spirillum – Helical- spiral shaped bacterial Looks like twisted pasta.
Eubacteria, – A kingdom that is composed of a very wide variety of single-celled prokaryotic organisms. It covers what most people think of as bacteria.
A physician who studies and treats diseases of the veins is called a
Carbonyl Group – carbon atom double bonded to an oxygen (C=O)

A carbonyl group is the Carbon double bonded to Oxygen.

Found in Steroids, waxes and proteins.

Steps of scientific method – Observation Hypothesis Theory Scientific Law
Savanna – is a kind of plain characterized by a warm climate, grassland, and seasonally dry climate conditions.
Model organism – A particular species chosen for research into broad biological principles because it is representative of a larger group and usually easy to grow in a lab.
Asexual reproduction – Reproduction accomplished by a single organism
coenzyme – If the cofactor is an organic molecule.
A physiciаn whо studies аnd treаts diseases оf the veins is called a
Ectothermic – an animal that cannot control its own body temperature and must rely on external means

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