Biology Hsa Biochemistry

A person eats three candy bars. Within minutes this endocrine gland affects blood-glucose homeostasis. – The pancreas.
2.3.3 Identify the structures in 2.2.1 in electron micrographs of a liver cell – Remember that rough E.R. has ribosomes (little dots) and is often next to the nucleus, but not always. Golgi apparatus won't have ribosomes and has a curved shape. Mitochondria have lines for their internal membranes.
Medusa – A free-swimming cnidarian with a bell-shaped body and tentacles
permafrost – layer of permanently frozen subsoil found in the tundra
Resources that can be replaced through natural processes. Examples: Air, Soil, Water, Trees – Renewable resources
semiconservative model – Type of DNA replication in which the replicated double helix consists of one old strand, derived from the old molecule, and one newly made strand.
Buffer systems of the human body are present to control what? Some can be justified…which is the PRIMARY region or area/body part that is involved.
parasympathetic division – A set of neurons in the autonomic nervous system that generally promotes body activities that gain and conserve energy, such as digestion and reduced heart rate. See also sympathetic division.
mulch – Decomposing organic matter that can be used to replenish the nutrient content of soil.
temperate grassland biome – plains and prairies cover fertile soils. warm to hot summers with cold winters and moderate rainfall
base – Compound that produces hydroxide ions (OH-) in solution; ranges from 7.1-14 on the pH Scale
wax – a type of structural lipid consisting of a long fatty-acid chain that is joined to a long alcohol chain
Buffer systems оf the humаn bоdy аre present tо control whаt? Some can be justified…which is the PRIMARY region or area/body part that is involved.
Trachea – The trachea includes the windpipe or larynx in its upper portion, and the glottis, an opening that allows the gases to pass into the two branches known as the bronchi.

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