Biology Apologia 2nd Edition Module 2 Kingdom Monera Bacteria

organism – An individual living thing, such as a bacterium, fungus, protist, plant, or animal.
scolex – The head-like structure that houses hooks and suckers on a tapeworm.
emergent properties – complex; difficult to predict
A box of bicycle parts won't transport you anywhere, but when arranged in a certain way it will take you somewhere.
The sister chromatids (two identical strands) are joined at a central point called the _________________. – Centromere
Scientific experiment – test that simplifies observation in nature or in the laboratory by manipulating and controlling the conditions under which the observations are made
10. fertilization – the union of two cells
hypothalamus – The master control center of the system, located in the ventral portion of the vertebrate forebrain. The hypothalamus functions in maintaining homeostasis, especially in coordinating the endocrine and nervous systems; secretes hormones of the posterior pituitary and releasing hormones that regulate the anterior pituitary.
primary structure – the level of protein structure referring to the specific sequence of amino acids
peptide bond – The covalent bond between two amino acids units in a polypeptide, formed by a dehydration reaction.
Law of independent assortment – Mendelian law stating that a random distribution of alleles occurs during the formation of gametes.
The term that means abnormal condition of (lateral) curved (spine)
glycolysis – firsts set of reactions in cellular respiration
differentiation – The specialization in the structure and function of cells that occurs during the development of an organism; results from selective activation and deactivation of the cells' genes.
differentiation – process in which cells become specialized in structure and function 12-5
7 – Salivary amylase and any enzyme that works in a cell's cytoplasm work best at pH?
Mitosis – A form of cell division that produces diploid cells.
Phrenology – the practice of reading the bumps on someone's head to predict the future
Golgi Apparatus – Stores and modifies proteins for specific functions.
A system of membranes that modifies and packages proteins for export by the cell
The term thаt meаns аbnоrmal cоnditiоn of (lateral) curved (spine)
Segmentation – Mechanical digestion in the
small intestine due the
alternating contractions of
ring-like wall muscles
which mixes the chyme
back and forth
angiosperms – A flowering plant, which forms seeds inside a protective chamber called an ovary.
bias – Must be careful to prevent previous ideas from tainting both experimental process and the conclusion

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