to reward sb (with sth) – награждать
behavioral addition – managers and employees perform new behaviors that are central to and symbolic of the new organizational culture that a company wants to create
customer – клиент, заказчик, покупатель
World bank – provide low-interest loans to developing nations for transportation, education, health and telecom. Some protests in recent years
customer oriented – describes a firm in which all decisions are made with a conscious awareness of their effect on the consumer.
Affects job satisfaction day to day – Specific events that trigger moods and emotions
Projection Bias – belief that others think, feel and act as they do
accommodative social responsibility – accepts responsibility and takes an aggressive approach to solving the problem
Agreeableness – the degree to which a person is able to get along with others by being good-natured, likable, cooperative, forgiving, understanding, and trusting
What is the difference between the acceptable quality level and the lot tolerance percent defective?
Tacit – Type of knowledge that employees can only learn through experience
Three dimensions of job performance – Task performance, citizenship behavior, and counterproductive behavior
North America – 303 million/ 2 countries
Major languages: English, French, Spanish
Top of food chain
Stay in out bubble/isolationists
Want to be helpful
Violent society
Everyone loves/hates us
Low self-esteem
Know our country is flawed, don't fix it
Nominal Group Technique – is a decision making method for use among groups of many sizes, who want to make their decision quickly, as by a vote, but want everyone's opinions taken into account
Monitoring the progress of plans which may need modification based on feedback? – Controlling
Whаt is the difference between the аcceptаble quality level and the lоt tоlerance percent defective?
being persuasive – być przekonującym; wiarygodnym
Supplier dependence – the degree to which a company relies on a supplier because of the importance of the supplier's product to the company and the difficulty of finding other sources of that product

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