Ability – Having the skills and knowledge required to perform the job.
Prime objectives of goal setting – Goals direction attention, regulate effort, increase creativity, and allow progress to be measured
Evaluating – Determine whether human resources are producing the results needed to contribute to the organization's business plan
authority – the legitimate right to make decisions and to tell other people what to do
encoding – the process of putting the sender's message into a symbolic form capable of being carried by the selected media of transmission.
Economic dimension – represents the general economic health of the country or regionin which the organization operates.
Customer Concept – Companies direct separate offers, services, and messages to individual customers.
What does an activity-based DSM show? – What order various tasks should be done in
Affective component – The emotional or feeling segment of an attidtude. ex: The employee strongly dislikes her superviser
A minimum assessment score that must be met or exceeded to advance to the next assessment phase or to be eligible to receive a job offer is a ________.
Employee separation – the voluntary or involuntary loss of an employee
Tactics – what will we do, how will we get there; what
A minimum аssessment scоre thаt must be met оr exceeded tо аdvance to the next assessment phase or to be eligible to receive a job offer is a ________.
general environment – the economy, technological, and social cultural, and legal trends that indirectly affect all organizations
Legitimate Power – is the power that stems from a manager's formal position in an organization and the authority granted by the position.

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