Exploring Psychology 9th Edition Chapter 12

automatic processing – Unconscious encoding of incidental info, such as space, time, frequency, and of well-learned info, such as word meanings.
prejudice – -states with less black motorists, they are majority of those stopped by police
-dentist sold bmw to avoid being stopped by police for being black
Levels of Analysis – The differing complementary views, from biological to psychological to social-cultural, for analyzing any given phenomenon.
Mental hospital – A medical institution specializing in providing inpatient care for psychological disorders.
Variable Ratio Schedule – reinforces behavior after unpredictable number of behaviors have been done
Levels of Analysis – the differing complementary views, from biological to psychological to social-cultural, for analyzing any given phenomenon.
Cognitive dissonance theory – The theory that we act to reduce the discomfort we feel when two of our thoughts are inconsistent.
Circadian rhythm – the biological clock; regular bodily rhythms (for example, of temperature and wakefulness) that occur on a 24-hour cycle.
Association Areas – areas of the cerebral cortex that are not involved in primary motor or sensory functions; rather, they are involved in higher mental functions such as learning, remembering, thinking, and speaking. (p. 73)
Which is NOT a warning sign of sun damage and precancerous skin lesions?
Memory – Any system – human, animal, or machine – that encodes, stores, and retrieves information
Temperament – The basic and pervasive personality dispositions that are apparent in early childhood and that establish the tempo and mood of the individual's behaviors
Positive reinforcement – a stimulus presented after a response and increasing the probability of that response happening again
Psychiatry – practiced by medical doctors who often provide medical (for example drug) treatments as well as psychological therapy
auditory system – parts of the ear needed for hearing and the pathway responsible for transferring sound information to the brain
Which is NOT а wаrning sign оf sun dаmage and precancerоus skin lesiоns?
Trait Theory – A model of personality that seeks to identify the basic traits necessary to describe personality.
amphetamines – drugs that stimulate neural activity, causing speeded up body functions and associated energy and mood changes
Stratified Sampling – A process that allows a researcher to ensure that the sample represents the population on some criteria, such as age or race.

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