Computer Science Test #3

The two types of Java Programs – Console applications (text based programs)
Applets (graphic based programs, designed for websites)
Method signature – The name of the method and the order and types of the parameters in its parameter list.
AND function – the output is true if all the inputs are true
Assignment operator – The '=' character causes the compiler or interpreter to evaluate to the expression on its right and store the result in the variable(s) on its left.
The last number – Always changes the font size
directory – a hierarchical structure that includes files, folders, and drives used to create a more organized and efficient computer
This conversion type is not recommended because of problems arising in this approach could be catastrophic – Direct approach
Scheduler – Determines which activities are to be considered for execution
Volatile memory – requires constant power to maintain stored info

-Dynamic Random-Access Memory (DRAM): requires sorted ion to be periodically re-read and re-written

-Static Random-Access Memory (SRAM): does not need to be refreshed as long as power is applied

Foreign Keys enforce relationships in a Relational Database.
File server – Central disk storage for users' programs on network.
Mainframe computers – very large machine
What does var slices := 0 do? – It declares a variable named slices and initializes it to a value of zero
Positional notation – A system of expressing numbers in which the digits are arranged in succession, the position of each digit has a place value, and the number is equal to the sum of the products of each digit by its place value.
Ex: 646 is 6*100+4*10+6
Byte code designed… – to opperate inside a web-page applet
Hub – a switch that sends data to the stations which it is attached
Fоreign Keys enfоrce relаtiоnships in а Relаtional Database.
if statement – conditional statement
Scale – Making a graphic smaller or bigger.
Compression – It is the action of compressing or bit rate reduction.
CH 13 – Artificial Intelligence –

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