Ubus 310 Exam #4 Review

What majors are offered in Dramatic Arts and what is the difference between them? – B.F.A. and B.A. – the main difference is that B.F.A. is much more focused and conservatory-style
Neil Armstrong – American astronaut and the first person to walk on the moon
(p. 275) A manufacturing system in which CAD, FMS, inventory control, warehousing, and shipping are integrated. – Computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM)
Corporate Income Tax Rate: $100,000 – $335,000 – 39%
synthesize – combine parts or pieces into a whole
(p. 296) A means of finding the point, in dollars and units, at which costs equal revenues. – Break-even analysis
Reliability – interdisciplinarians tends to be self-motivated
and attend class regularly.
interdisciplinary studies – they emphasize process, connection, integration, comprehensive understanding of complex issues, and creation of new approaches and solutions
Hypothesis – an assertion from limited observations, the idea advances to a theory if it substantially holds up to extensive testing. (Common language might call this a 'theory')
critiques of disciplines 5/6 – limit communication to other specialists
anthropology – the study of the origin and evolution of humans, both physically and culturally
What is the chain of infection? – –>pathogen, reservoir, means of escape, transmission, means of entry, host–>
Mollified – To calm (someone) down (verb)
a cost that varies with changes in the level of output – variable cost
polemic – an aggressive argument against a specific opinion
Knowledge transfer – transfer goes beyond learning in that the skill or knowledge travels to a new context
Casement: Shanu- what was he recruited for? what happened to him? – Shanu was a black schoolteacher from Nigeria, who began working for Leopold's state to recruit Nigerian soldiers for the Force Publique. Shanu became a respected businessman in Boma, but having a change of heart, supplied Casement and Morel with damaging documents about Leopold's regime.He was harassed by the authorities and committed suicide.
reputable – respectable; well thought of

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