Sociology And You Chapter 2

concepts of criminal justice – most tough: crime control
civil rights: due process
unequal sentencing: equal justice
rehab model: criminals can be changed into productive citizens
CONJUGAL ROLES – The roles of husbands and wives or a couple who are living together as partners.
Primitive Funeral Rite – a funeral rite which may be construed as being identifiable with a pre-literate society
Symbol – something to which people attach meaning and then use to communicate with others.
Hawthorne effect – The unintended influence that observers or experiments can have on their subjects.
40% of child victims – mistreated by mothers
Rationalization – The mindset emphasizing knowledge reason And planning
Ideologies – Shared ideas or beliefs that serve to justify the interests of dominant groups. Ideologies are found in all societies in which there are systematic and ingrained inequalities between groups. The concept of ideology connects closely with that power, since ideological systems serve to legitimize the power that groups hold
Causes of ethnic inequality – Stero types Selffulfilling prophesies
social embeddedness – the idea that economic, political, and other forms of human behavior are fundamentally shaped by social relations
The importance of community college to US higher education is reflected in the fact that they – -greatly expand the opportunity to attend college
-enroll more than 40% of all U.S. College students
-enroll half of all Hispanics college students
Adam Smith – One of the founders of modern economics who identified advantages that the division of labor provides in terms of increasing productivity
Discrimination – The denial of opportunities and equal rights to individuals and groups because of prejudice or arbitrary reasons
Are a culture and a society the same thing? – No
Culture provides the meanings that enable human beings to interpret and guide their actions whereas society represents the networks of social relations that are among a people
Wright's view on class – Believed there were 4 classes: capitalists, petty bourgeoisie, managers and workers
Double Consciousness – (Associated with Dubois) refers to the division of an individuals identity into two or more social realities

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