Architecture Terms

Jorn Utzon – Creator of the Sydney Opera House
The minimum width for bedroom doors is – 2"6'
sant' andrea at mantua date – 1470
architave – (The Lintel) – The main beam that forms the lowest part of the entablature.
dome – round arch in 360 degrees; perfect circle or 1/2 hemisphere; made of concrete
What is the public area? – area of the lot that can be viewed by the public
Barrel Vault – A vault is a roof or ceiling. A barrel vault is in effect a deep arch or an uninterrupted series of arches.
Construction details – drawn when more information is needed
Escalier à vis hors-oeuvre – Zewnętrzne kręte schody
Post-modern Architecture – Reaction against modernism's negation of architectural past
What is the advantage of watercolor – Density
Example of additive processed – Case of bottle Robert Arneson
Cathedral – Seat of the bishop
barrel vaulting – valbová klenba
niche with statue – a statue set in little designated area
Cathedral – Seat of the bishop
Example wood engravings – Noon day rest at Marble Canyon
skene – wall to hide backstage action or small structure with rooms for dressing or hiding equipment

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