Financial Accounting Ratios

to hire a company – нанимать компанию
The sole owner of a business is called a – Proprietor
Accrual Bases accounting – revenues are recognized when expenses are earned; expenses when it occurs. Required for the GAAP, more accurately measures profit.
corporation – A business owned by stockholders who share in its profits but are not personally responsible for its debts
Chronological. – In accounting, to record in order of time.
The matching principle provides the investor with more useful information on – the income statement
Accounting – System of communicating financial information to interested users/parties, e.g. individuals/households, owners, potential investors, IRD, banks, creditors, suppliers and managers
Financial Accounting – The area of accounting that refers to providing information to support external investment and credit decisions.
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source document – a piece of paper showing evidence that a transaction took place
Income and cash flow usually move: – Together bc net income eventually generates cash
intangible asets – Long-term resources that benefit business operations. They usually lack physical form and have uncertain benefits. Examples include patents, trademarks, copyrights, franchises, and goodwill.
Sales – The resources that a company generates during a period from selling its inventory
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An example of external user is customers – b.
expenses – the dollar amount of resources the entity used to earn revenues during the period
Trial balance – List of all accounts and their balances at particular date

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