Computer Sciences

Where is everything installed permanently in the computer? – The hard drive
Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) – A software package that implements standard techniques of each stage of the systems life cycle.
Attribute – Information an object stores about itself. Usullaly represented in the class as a variable
Variables – a data item that may take on more than one value during the runtime of a program.
Read-only memory (ROM) – Computer chip that stores data permanently: data are not lost when the computer Is powered down.
Operator Precedence – The order in which complex expressions are evaluated. For a complex expression like "x = 5 +3 * 8", the multiplication is performed first because it has a higher precedence. The addition is performed last. If two operators have the same precedence level then they are evaluated left to right. [p49]
Stream – An abstraction of data for a sequence of bytes from which data can be read or to which data can be written.
wide area network – network such as the internet that connects computers and LAN's over a large area
Object Reference – A value that denotes the location of an object in memory. In java, a variable whose type is a class contains a reference to an object of that class.
______ code is a program that is written in a high-level language. – Source
Numeric data is any number that can be used in a mathematical calculation.
Extends – The keyword used to connect a subclass to its superclass.
Statement – A logical line of code that performs some task.
Numeric dаtа is аny number that can be used in a mathematical calculatiоn.
the system life cycle – Its is a process of developing and testing a new type of information system.
could devise a new, more effective coding scheme custom tailored to contents of the file – lossless
Scanner – A class provided by Java that allows us to get keyboard input from the user.

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