Dive Biology Terms Lesson 5

What can cause zonation? – An abiotic (not biological) factor. E.g. trampling near a footpath.
Building block for DNA – Nucleotide
Protein – diverse molecule: can fight disease, be an enzyme, transport within and between cells
Name the functions of the major organs of the body system – Cardiovascular. – Heart, blood vessels, lungs. Cardiovascular is a combination of Respiratory and Circulatory systems
large intestine – Colon; the tubular portion of the vertebrate alimentary tract between the small intestine and the anus; functions mainly in water absorption and the formation of feces.
Ribosomal RNA – Part of the structure of ribosomes.
cellular respiration – The aerobic harvesting of energy from food molecules; the energy-releasing chemical breakdown of food molecules, such as glucose, and the storage of potential energy in a form that cells can use to perform work; involves glycolysis, the citric acid cycle, and oxidative phosphorylation (the electron transport chain and chemiosmosis).
This energy results in the movement of charged particles.
**Bacteria are initially divided – By using Gram Stain and then by type of cell wall.
selective permeability – allowing some substances to cross more easily than others
This energy results in the mоvement оf chаrged pаrticles.
dicot – Plants whose seeds contain two cotyledons.
390. How were homeotic genes first discovered? – Fruit flies with disorders that caused legs to grow where antenna were supposed to be
Chk1 and Chk2 – Knases (ATM/ATR) phosphorylate and activate what two kinases?

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