Three basic elements of social entrepreneurship are __________________ – mission, management, money
to stare (at sb/sth) – пристально глядеть, таращиться
Utilitarian Approach – ethical concept that moral behaviors produce the greatest good for the greatest number.
Safety standards in many organizations are governed by – OSHA
elements of the general environment – economic forces, technological forces, sociocultural forces, demographic forces, political-legal forces, international forces.
(article 2)created five forces model and value chain – michael porter
Types of Synergies – 1. Market
2. Cost
3. Technology
4. Management
Base pay – Basic compensation an employee receives, usually as a wage or salary
According to the text, intellectual capital is the difference between the market value and the book value of a firm. Intellectual capital can be increased by ________________.
Team management (9,9) – Work accomplishment is from committed people; interdependence through a common stake in organization purpose leads to relationships of trust and respect.
Controlling – monitoring performance, comparing it with goals and taking corrective action
1.Brainstorming possible alternatives
2.identifying their future potential
3.Choosing alternative
4.evaluating and monitoring the outcome – Decision making involves…
tangible v. intangible of products – Tangible: e.g. computers, cars;
Intangible: e.g. haircuts; Mixed: e.g. extended warranty when you buy a fridge
diversification – means expansion by entering related or new business areas
Accоrding tо the text, intellectuаl cаpitаl is the difference between the market value and the bоok value of a firm. Intellectual capital can be increased by ________________.
HIPAA stands for – Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
What regulatory entity are Never Events reported to? – Department of Public Health
a monochronic culture/person – – existing or happening at the same time; a personality type which prefers to set a certain time to perform each task
Rules – Specific course of action
role conflict – group member faces different expectations

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