Ch 6 Organic Compounds Biology I

phenotype – the characteristics of an organism.
Hypothesis – A proposed explanation for the way a particular aspect of the natural world functions.
Disaccharide – Sucrose is a ____________.
What are the disadvantages of using pesticides? – – They may enter and accumulate in food chains.
– May harm organisms that aren't pests.
– Some are persistant, so take a long time to break down and become harmless.
deuterostomes – An animal with a coelom that forms from hollow outgrowths of the digestive tube of the early embryo. The deuterostomes include the echinoderms and the chordates.
Distinguish between monosaccharides, polysaccharides, and disaccharides. – Mono sac is a simple sugar, such as fructose. A di sac results when two monomers react to one another in a condensation reaction. A poly sac is a long complex chain of sugars, such as galactose and starch.
What can cause changes in the respiratory rate?
Change in chromosome number – A situation in which abnormal cellular events in meiosis lead to either none of a particular chromosome in the gamete or more than one chromosome in the gamete
Clusters of DNA, RNA, and proteins in the nucleus of a cell. – Chromatin
Homeostasis – process by which organisms maintain a relatively stable internal environment
A polymer is what? – lots of monomers put together
kingdom – Largest category used to classify organisms
Whаt cаn cаuse changes in the respiratоry rate?
buffer – a solution made up from a weak acid and its conjugate base that neutralizes small amount of acids or bases added to it

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