Computer Science 313 Computer Hardware And Operating Systems

instruction cycle – 1. Instruction fetch (memory) 2. instruction decode (control unit) 3. data fetch (control to ALU) 4. instruction execution (ALU) 5. result return (back to memory)
Boot process – turn your computer on
variable – information or objects stored in a program for future use
Compiler – A special program that translates from a programming language to machine language.
to plug external devices – подключать внешние устройства
This subsystem defines the logical structure of the database by using a data dictionary or schema. – Data definition
Explain what a DSS is, what is it optimized for and give an example? – -support business decisions and activities.
-to compile useful information from data, documents, personal information and business models to identify and solve problems/make decisions
-a business trying to construct a new building, must consider legal requirements, feasibility, usefulness as an end product, environmental impacts etc. DSS is specific and can help compile lots of data to help make decision.
Conditional formats are dynamic, so a cell’s appearance will change to reflect its current value.
Low Level Languages – The term given to assembly language or machine code.
Window manager – Allocates blocks of space on the screen, called windows, and keeps track of application is associated with each window
Stub – A function with no or minimal functionality.
What is a boolean? (Data type) – True or false
Cоnditiоnаl fоrmаts аre dynamic, so a cell’s appearance will change to reflect its current value.
compression – reducing the amount of space needed to store a piece of data
Topology in which individual computers connect to one shared communications cable – Bus
High-level language – A programming language that resembles a natural language. Each instruction translates to many machine instructions. it is problem based rather than machine based
Parameters in routines – placeholders for variables supplied at call time
Clock speed – of a processor, the frequency in MHz or GHz at which the processor executes instructions

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