Essentials Of Sociology Henslin Chapter 8

credentialism – assumption that some are better than others simply because they have a particular educational credential
Symbol – One item used to stand for or represent another — as in the case of a flag, which symbolizes a nation.
Hunting/ Gathering – simple tech for hunting and gathering animals, time spent in search for games and edible plants, no perm settlements, society based on kin ties, little stratification, cooperation=typical
1 in 8 children – died in Iraq before age 5
Resocialization – The process of discarding former behavior patterns and accepting new ones as part of a transition in one's life.
credentialism – an increase in the lowest level of education needed to enter a field
Laws – written rules of conduct enacted and enforced by governments
Information age – the 21st century; increased participation of women in the workforce, growth of unpaid labor, effects of computer technology on society and individuals
What was the android vs. iPhone discussion not an example of? – social network contagion
Variable – Characteristics that is subject to change
social bond theory – deviant behavior occurs when a person's social ties to society are weakened or broken
objectivity – treating facts without influence from personal feelings or prejudices
Replacing personnel – Any group or society must replace personnel when they die, leave, or become incapacitated.
rational-legal authority – rational-legal authority: authority based on law or written rules and regulations; also called bureaucratic authority

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