Computer Science Networking Questions

Selection (if-then-else) – control proceeds dependent on conditions
rods – used to detect movement/shapes
<strong> – strong text, little more flavor than bold
Hardware – The pieces of physical equipment that make up a computer system
Children's Online Privacy Act (2000) – Prohibit Web sites from collecting personal information from children under 13 without verifiable parental consent.
password – encrypted Strings for logging on to certain systems
PMT(rate, nper, pv [, fv=0] [, type=0]) In the figure above, nper stands for the ____.
Increasing surveillance of computer use may be considered an invasion of this – PRIVACY
Web Page – Web document that is suitable for the World Wide Web
PMT(rаte, nper, pv [, fv=0] [, type=0]) In the figure аbоve, nper stаnds fоr the ____.
Phishing attack – An attack that uses deception to fraudulently acquire sensitive personal information by masquerading as an official-looking email
Layout Toolbar – Controls arrangement of all views
Software security – A type of software that protects a computer network from attack
Java Class Library – a set of dynamically loadable groups of scripts that Java applications can call at run time
internet – interconnection of two or more networks with routers, switches, and gateways

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