Computer Science Test

Why is binary used? – Computer can only understamd two things:on and off. Binary is used to communticate with the computer using a series of 0s amd 1s, where 0 = off and 1 = on.
server – …a computer that provides resources to other computers on a network
How can back doors be abused? – If not removed, they can become security holes that can be abused by attackers to break into computer systems.
economic feasibility – checking if the benefits of a new system outweigh the costs
the number of relationships between tables.

the degree of participation that each table participates in a relationship.

the number of ways that each table in a relationship participates in that relationship. – Ways in which to categorize relationships between tables

4th Generation Application Software – Spreadsheets, Word processors, Database Management systems
An example of generalizing the solution by creating a formula – The number of breaks that it takes to divide a piece of chocolate into n pieces is n-1. For example if you want ten pieces, then you'd need to make nine breaks (10-1=9)
Which of the following is true about a default method in an interface declaration?
Order of Computers – Early computers used vacuum tubes – tubes were
then replaced by transistors, and then by silicon
The Basic Storage unit is a – Bit
variable scope – a variable only exists within a method. Unless it is declared globally, it will not exist outside a method unless sent as method parameter or returned via return statement.
input from file – ifstream fin;"mydatafile.txt");
ASCII – American Standard code for information interchange
ROM (Read Only Memory) – The permanent read-only memory which holds the computer's start up software or BIOS. It cannot be changed.
Which оf the fоllоwing is true аbout а defаult method in an interface declaration?
"Nested" Statements – Programming instructions that are places withing other programming instructions.
Development Environment – A package for programming, Usually including an editor with syntax highlighting and other features and an interactive command line

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