Computer Science Test #1

Surveillance – is the systematic investigation or monitoring of the actions or communications of one or more people
modulo arithmetic – arithmetic that uses the integer result and integer remainder of division as two separate entities
program specification – description of a task
IDE – Integrated development environment, such as Eclipse:
A software application that provides comprehensive facilities to computer programmers for software development. An IDE normally consists of:
– a source code editor
– a compiler and/or an interpreter
– build automation tools
– a debugger
URI – Uniform Resource Identifier – specifies how to access a resource on the Internet
Executing a Program – The process of initiating, or starting, a program.
Constructor – A function that initializes a newly allocated object.
Constant – A value that cannot be changed by a program. In Java, constants are defined with the keyword final.
object program/object code – The translated low-level-language program that the compiler produces.
When you click in each cell in the Total row, a(n) ____ appears that you can click to open a list of the most commonly used functions.
Optical character recognition (OCR) – Characters on paper can be digitised into an editable document for use on a computer.
object methods – a set of internal routines that the object manager uses as a means for manipulating objects i.e. open,close,delete,query name,parse, security.
invoked as a function with dot notation
ex: win.close()
Keyboard – It is an input device used to type words or numbers on the monitor or to control things like video games with the arrow keys.
When yоu click in eаch cell in the Tоtаl rоw, а(n) ____ appears that you can click to open a list of the most commonly used functions.
stub – a method in which the implementing code has been omitted
10-Gigabit Ethernet – 百億位元乙太網路
Compression – Change the representation in order to use less bits to store or transmit files
Primary Key – One unique field that identifies a record

Ex: student's with the same name have an admission number that identifies them

should multiple shortcuts be combined into one program? – no

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