Ch 2 Miller And Levine Biology

What experiments can be done to show the effects of lack of minerals in plants? – – Soil-less culture.
– Each trial missing one.
Digestive System – mouth → oesophagus → stomach → liver → pancreas → small intestine → large intestine → rectum → anus
Digests food and recycles organelles – Lysosomes
Pyrimidines – Nitrogen bases that have a single ring of carbon an nitrogen.
Benign – A tumour that is not cancerous.
nucleic acid – A polymer (polynucleotide) consisting of many nucleotide monomers, serves as a blueprint for proteins and, through the actions of proteins, for all cellular activities. The two types are DNA and RNA.
Fine Adjustment Knob – What part of the microscope is #5?
Normal state – The healthy range of a particular factor (temperature, blood sugar level, blood pressure, etc.) in an individual or cell when that cell or individual is not stressed or diseased or otherwise impaired.
Biosphere – Everything that lives on Earth, and every place those things live.
A decrease in the activity of the antidiuretic hormone produced by the posterior lobe of the pituitary gland results in
insight learning – The process of learning how to solve a problem or do something new by applying what is already known
nuclear envelope – a double membrane that surrounds the nucleus
cell wall – a rigid structure on the outside of certain cells, usually plant and bacteria cells
A decreаse in the аctivity оf the аntidiuretic hоrmоne produced by the posterior lobe of the pituitary gland results in
response – A change in the body prompted by a stimulus is called a(n) ________________.

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