Computer Science 200 Exam 1

What is the brain of the computer? – CPU
Control Unit – Controls the flow information and actions in the computer
Constructor – Initializes the instance variables of an object. They have no return type, and are always the same name as the class.
What are the frames per second (FPS) for a TV show – 30 fps
Assignment Operator – The equal sign (=). It copies the value on the right to the variable on the left.
Hexadecimal is base _______________. – 16
Every ____ consists of an object that contains a button for each unique value in that field.
Your boss hands you a stack of papers that accidentally includes confidential personnel files. What do you do? – Immediately return the file to the boss once you recognize the mistake
Peripheral – An add-on component to your computer.
Scope – The portion of a program in which a variable exists and can be used. [p68]
Every ____ cоnsists оf аn оbject thаt contаins a button for each unique value in that field.
Mediated – requiring permission; a barrier between creating information and publishing it
Script Mode – A way of using the Python interpreter to read and execute statements in a script.

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