Computer Science 34

Games are created for only entertainment purposes (true or false?) – False
Ethics – Is about the fairness. When creating a computer system companies should consider fairness.
Hexadecimal (hex) – Base 16 number system used by humans to represent groups of four bits at a time.
Uses digits 0 to F.
Action blocks – Images, text, drawing, and reset
What is a virus? – Program or program code that can replicate itself with bad intentions
RAM – Random Access Memory. It is the main memory and stores data and programs while the computer is running. When the computer is turned off anything in main memory disappears. Computer can read from and write to this memory
A computer uses binary by – stringing binary digits together to perform its tasks, where a string could represent a picture, document etc.
answers the question "how do I send a set of bits form one computer to another across one shared link?" – data link layer
Any class that implements Comparable must also provide a _______ method – compareTo
The data type supported by the LC-3 ISA is 1's complement integers.
Bit is a contraction of what – Binary digit
[3] To what extent – Consider the merits or otherwise of an argument or concept. Opinions and conclusions should be presented clearly and supported with appropriate evidence and sound argument.
Cable Privacy Protection Act (1984) – prevents disclosing the viewing habits of their customers without the customer's consent
sprite – the graphics that move on the screen
Type – the kind of value that is sorted in main memory in a variable or a constant
Private – Field or method cannot be seen outside the class for any reason.
Storyboard: – a sketch that outlines the components of each Web page and their places in the layout, as well as the links between the pages in a Web site.
The dаtа type suppоrted by the LC-3 ISA is 1's cоmplement integers.
performance – производительность
Implicit Parameter – The object on which a method is invoked. For example, in, g is the implicit parameter.
Hardware – The collection of physical elements that constitute a computer system.
main method – the main part of the program that executes your code
External Power Cord – what you plug into the port on the back of the computer so that it can receive power.

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